Ana Isabel Strindberg

She studied Literature and Linguistics at the University of the Sorbonne and Art History at the School of the Louvre. In 1997 she met filmmaker João César Monteiro, with whom she worked for eight years. She used to be programming coordinator of the Malaposta Documentary Film Encounters and director of Doclisboa. She is currently a programmer at Indielisboa and directs Portugal Film, the agency that promotes Portuguese cinema internationally.


Marília Rocha

Marília Rocha lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. She directed the films Aboio (2005), Acácio (2008), A falta que me faz (2009) and A cidade onde envelheço (2016), awarded as Best Film in the festivals of Biarritz, Montevideo and Brasilia. Her works were honored at the Dockanema (Mozambique), the Visions du Réel festival (Switzerland) and the Semana dos Realizadores (Rio de Janeiro). She is a partner of Clarissa Campolina and Luana Melgaço in the production company Anavilhana.

Martin Pawley

Martin Pawley (A Coruña, 1974) is a film critic, programmer and producer (Costa da Morte by Lois Patiño, 2013). He directed with Marcos Pérez the documentary Ilusiones visuales (2006) and the experimental short film Fogos (2017). One of the things of which he is most proud is the film workshops that he teaches every week in A Coruña at Fórum Metropolitano and Centro Ágora. Scientific dissemination in the field of astronomy is another activity in which he spends his time.