Sound: Eva Boliño, Adriana Bolito
Cinematographer: Rui Xavier, Paulo Menezes
Editors: Francisco Moreira, Tiago Hespanha
Producer: Terratreme Filmes


Tiago Hespanha  |  Portugal  |  2018  |  90’

The largest military base in Europe. A shooting field for the Portuguese Air Force where the military train for missions abroad. In this setting, both leisure and scientific activities are mixed, among the animals that walk freely by the base, in the middle of bomb deposits. This film reveals the absurdity and manifests life in its most extreme dimensions – war and happiness.

Tiago Hespanha

Architect by training, he is a filmmaker and producer, founder of Terratreme Filmes and teacher at the MFA DOCNOMADS. His filmography includes Revolução Industrial (2014) and No Trilho dos Naturalistas (2016).