Screenwriter: Alberto Gracia
Jonay Armas
Amanda Villavieja, Alberto Gracia
Rober Soler, Nacho Alonso, Humberto ‘’el gitano’’, Ermelo ‘’o pescador’’, Pepe ‘’almas perdidas’’ e Nora (cadela)
Cinematographer: Mauro Herce, Alberto Gracia
Editor: Alberto Gracia
Producer: Elviajefilms,, Morelli producciones


Alberto Gracia  |  Spain  |  2018  |  85’

Echo is a water nymph that was punished by the gods. Condemned to repeat what the others say, with a petrified and absent body, she lives in the eternal melancholy of the narcissism of the baroque form, in the Platonic cave of the trompe-l’oeil and the hegemony of sound. But is this true? Alone, isolated, and repeating non-stop the litany of an unpronounceable name. Where is Echo?

Alberto Gracia

He graduated in Fine Arts. Interested in aesthetics, he published his essay  MICROFUGAS. Teoría y juego de la profanación in 2010. His debut feature film O Quinto Evanxeo de Gaspar Hauser won the Critics’ Award in Rotterdam.