Original Title: HIERBA
Year: 2015
Country: Argentina
Running time: 63′
Director: Raúl Perrone
Screenwriters: Raúl Perrone, Fernando Sdrigotti
Music: DJ Negro dub, Che Cumbe, Juan Marco Litrica
Cast: Dulce Huilen Azul, Guilermo Quinteros, Evelyn Cazal, Nestor Gianotti, Óscar Purita, Jorge Izzo
Cinematographer: Raúl Perrone, Alejandro González, Ivan Moskovich, Martín Farina
Producer: Les Envies Que Je Te Desire, Trivial Media, Películas Anti-Autor


03.11 | 22:30 | EL PUEBLO CAFÉ CULTURAL * (Free access, until seating is completed)

* Special screening with music: Chico-Trópico Meets Raúl Perrone

Hierba takes as its backdrop Édouard Manet’s painting “Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe”, and constructs a reflection on desire, urges and even repressions. Four characters having lunch relaxed on the grass -evoking the painting- are the protagonists of Perrone’s story, who in the manner of a collage technique assembles images and sounds while totally ignoring words. As in silent films, gestures, looks and movements enhance situations, states and obsessions experienced by the characters in a film that is as playful as experimental.