CAST:  Jorge Gaviria, Edward Duigenan, Mago Cayory, Marcos Maldonado, Yair Mejía
EDITOR:  Felipe Guerrero
PRODUCER:  Felipe Guerrero
CONTACT:  Felipe Guerrero |


Chris Gude  |  Colombia  |  2017  |  64’

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Who is Mariana? In Chris Gude’s film, more than a character, Mariana is a desire to reach, the matter of a dream territory. Two smugglers flee through the desert, between Colombia and Venezuela, while they hear a speech about men in already past times. The filmmaker establishes a symbolic comparison with the name of their country, as the fruit of an interrupted collective dream, recalled in a radio address recovering Simón Bolívar’s liberator imaginary. As in his previous film, Mambo Cool, Gude appeals to ghostly archetypes, characters and settings, to evoke a Colombia of political abstractions, where the bolero has its place.

Mónica Delgado

Chris Gude

New York, 1985. He studied Geography and Anthropology at Middlebury College. His first film, Mambo Cool (2013), was shown at FIDMarseille, Viennale, Punto de Vista, Mar del Plata or Cartagena, among other festivals. His second film, Mariana (2017), was also premiered at FIDMarseille.