Original Title: PEDRO PÁRAMO
Year: 1966
Country: Mexico
Running time: 109′
Director: Carlos Velo
Screenwriter: Manuel Barbachano Ponce, Carlos Velo e Carlos Fuentes, based on the novel by Juan Rulfo
Cast: John Gavin, Ignacio López Tarso, Pilar Pellicer, Julissa, Ana Rentería, Graciela Doring, Carlos Fernández, Augusto Benedico, Beatriz Sheridan, Claudia Millán, Rosa Furman, Joaquín Martínez, Jorge Russek, Eric del Castillo, Alfonso Arau…
Music: Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras

Cinematographer: Gabriel Figueroa
Producer: Clasa Films Mundiales, Producciones Barbachano Ponce



Carlos Velo returns to his hometown

Many decades later, Comala is still as dead as ever. Rulfo created one of the cornerstones of world literature in 1955; and when “Pedro Paramo” was still be on its way to become a novel, his friend Carlos Velo was already working so that Juan Preciado’s journey into the darkness in search of his despot father would find a new audiovisual path to transit. Velo shot in 1966 and the film premiered at Cannes in 1967. Almost 60 years later, “Pedro Paramo” by the filmmaker from Cartelle returns to his homeland, the same Ourense of his youth in which he recorded his first images in company of Pacheco and Roman, experiencing firsthand his passion for the magic lantern. The fact that the OUFF takes a stand giving prominence to one of the personalities who was able to demand the creation of an audiovisual sector and a cinema of its own for Galicia, when that was no more than a dream, is a historical fact that will serve to give greater visibility to his work and his figure.

Xosé Manoel Rodríguez,  journalist