Screenwriter: Diana Toucedo
Manuel Toucedo, Fernando Lapido, Carlos Solari
Cinematographer: Diego Dussuel
Producers: Diana Toucedo / Insomnia Films
Web: dianatoucedo.com
Contact: dianatoucedo@gmail.com


Diana Toucedo  |  Spain  |  2017  |  90’

The experienced captain of a fishing boat and his crew resist in their ninth month embarked on the icy waters of the South Atlantic. For the captain this will be his last adventure, the one that truly confronts his past of forty years at sea with his next move: life on land at last with his family in Galicia. His daughter, the filmmaker, embarks with him on his last journey.

Diana Toucedo

Editor, filmmaker and teacher. As an editor stands out her work with Isaki Lacuesta or Fernando Trueba. As a director she has directed shorts like Imaxes secretas or Homes. The OUFF will hold the preview of Trinta lumes.